Title Created Date Author
[Video] Spain's Revolution Against Franco: The Great Betrayal 15 July 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Venezuela: inflation slows down – but there's no cause to celebrate 15 July 2019 Luis Romero
Greece: political conclusions from the general elections of 7 July – part two 12 July 2019 Stamatis Karagiannopoulos – editor of EPANASTASI ("Revolution") and Marxistiki Foni ("Marxist Voice")
James Connolly: July the 12th 12 July 2019 James Connolly
[Video] Britain: Tory leadership race – folly, fury, and farce 11 July 2019 Socialist Appeal (Britain)
Polish parliament votes to criminalise communist ideas: defend democratic rights! 11 July 2019 Czerwony Front
Greece: political conclusions from the general elections of 7 July 10 July 2019 Stamatis Karagiannopoulos – editor of EPANASTASI ("Revolution") and Marxistiki Foni ("Marxist Voice")
Britain: the rise and fall of the Tory Party 09 July 2019 Rob Sewell
Honduras: 10 years of the coup government – 10 years of struggle for the Honduran people 08 July 2019 Carlos Márquez
Sudan: No to a rotten compromise! Finish the revolution! 05 July 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
Greece: Stop the advance of the ND with a mass vote for the KKE! 05 July 2019 Communist Tendency (Greek section of the International Marxist Tendency)
First Marxist Summer School in Western Canada a huge success 05 July 2019 Marcus Katryniuk
National Chilean teacher's strike enters its fifth week. Minister Cubillos must resign! 04 July 2019 Carlos Hernán
What next after Sudan's Million Man March? 01 July 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
International solidarity with Honduras: for a general strike against JOH and the capitalist system! 28 June 2019 Bloque Popular Juvenil (IMT-El Salvador) and La Izquierda Socialista (IMT-Mexico)
Taiwan: EVA air flight attendants’ strike shakes society 28 June 2019 Parson Young
The lessons of Stonewall: 50 years on 28 June 2019 Laurie O’Connel
Defeat the reactionary military coup in Honduras: mass mobilisation in the streets and general strike! 28 June 2019 Jorge Martín
Honduras: one week after the coup – mass mobilisation continues, army prevents Zelaya’s comeback 28 June 2019 Jorge Martín
50 years after Stonewall: revive LGBTQ radicalism! 27 June 2019 Fightback
Spain’s Revolution Against Franco: the Great Betrayal 25 June 2019 Alan Woods
For a better Honduras: let's overthrow the dictatorship, not just the dictator! 25 June 2019 Fabricio Varela
Farcical Thai election prepares future crises 25 June 2019 Daniel Morley
Biggest demonstration in Czech Republic since 1989 marks the end of political stability 24 June 2019 Mirko Honcovic
Britain: 'Brexit betrayal' leaves Tory ranks frothing at the mouth 24 June 2019 Adam Booth
Honduras: Protest movement calls for President JOH to step down 21 June 2019 Rob Smith
US warmongering as Trump plays with fire in the Middle East 21 June 2019 Hamid Alizadeh
Switzerland: women’s strike – biggest mobilisation in years! 21 June 2019 Dersu Heri
[Video] Oppose Trump's imperialist aggression against Iran 21 June 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Egypt: Morsi dead – the end of one class enemy at the hands of another 20 June 2019 Dejan Kukic and Hamid Alizadeh
2019 congress of the Nigerian Marxists 19 June 2019 Comrade Rashy
Brazil: general strike shows militant mood of grassroots – despite the leadership 19 June 2019 Esquerda Marxista (CMI-Brasil)
Documents of the Opposition in the “Militant” in 1991-92 18 June 2019 Alan Woods
Hong Kong protests force extradition bill suspension: movement must go forward! 17 June 2019 Parson Young, reporting from Hong Kong
Brazil: general strike highlights Bolsonaro's weakness 15 June 2019 Jorge Martin
[Video] Revolution and counter-revolution in Sudan 14 June 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Home Secretary signs US extradition request for Assange 14 June 2019 Rob Smith
Britain: Grenfell – two years on, unite to fight for justice 14 June 2019 Nico Baldion (Chair of Kensington and Chelsea Momentum) and Dan Langley
After 7 June, revolutionary events being prepared in Liberia 13 June 2019 Moses Uneh Yahmia and Alfred P. B. Kiadii from Liberia
Britain: Tory leadership race leaves big business aghast 13 June 2019 Ben Curry
Austria: enthusiasm and optimism at the biggest international spring seminar in years 13 June 2019 Der Funke (Austria)
Hong Kong: a million march against extradition bill 12 June 2019 Daniel Morley; additional reporting by Parson Young
Britain: Liberal Democrats surge – don't forget the betrayals 12 June 2019 Adam Booth
Brazil: leaked conversations reveal legal stitch-up against Lula 11 June 2019 Esquerda Marxista
Sudan: the whip of the counter-revolution spurs on the revolution 10 June 2019 Fred Weston
Myanmar (Burma): peasant tortured to death by authorities 10 June 2019 NA
Britain: Labour victory in Peterborough silences the cynics 10 June 2019 Joe Attard
New Zealand: Auckland Rail maintenance workers locked out over pay claim 10 June 2019 Rufus Tyler
USA: American Marxists strategise for socialism in our lifetime 07 June 2019 David Spenger
Mega-strike in New Zealand as 50,000 teachers walk out 07 June 2019 Miles Lacey