Spain: the communists are getting organised

The ‘Are You a Communist?’ campaign is going from strength to strength in the Spanish section of the International Marxist Tendency. In just one month, thousands of posters and stickers have been put up across 12 different cities. Our posters carry the same simple yet effective message of the campaign as all our comrades in all other parts of the world: we invite all of you who identify as communists to join us in the fight against capitalism.

Posters have been put up in Basque, Castilian and Catalán, on university campuses, at high schools, in working-class neighbourhoods and in industrial districts, putting out the call to make students, workers and young people.

Our campaign is eliciting a powerful response. The messages we get from write-ins are truly inspiring and push us to keep going and find more people like them. Here is a selection of a few we’ve received:

Flag Image Lucha de ClasesOur campaign is eliciting a powerful response / Image: Lucha de Clases

“Throughout my whole life I have seen the lives of family and friends made miserable by following the ideal of a voracious economic system such as capitalism. I do not want to stand idly by in the face of this, I want a fairer world, one that, I believe, cannot be built on the basis of the current system.”

From Logroño:

“Because I consider myself left-wing and class-conscious. I have read a lot about philosophy and political science and I would like to be able to help society as much as I can. Therefore, considering that I believe that communism is the tendency that would help the workers the most, I would like to contribute in the most appropriate way I can.”

From Mexico:

“Because I believe in communism and socialism and I am against the capitalism and fascism disguised as democracy that we live in today and I am tired of doing nothing, I want to contribute to the Marxist cause for a political, social and cultural change that I am convinced that we young people will achieve.”

Meanwhile, right-wing reactionaries have also been alarmed by our campaign, tearing down our posters and peel off stickers where they find them, while sectarians have attempted to jealously cover them up, tear them down, and have even gone as far as spray painting over our posters. But try as they might to rip down our posters, the QR code always seems to survive and fresh posters and stickers are soon up in their place.

Besides the posters, our comrades are present in dozens of campuses and public squares with our tables full of revolutionary Marxist material for sale, manned by comrades eager to spread the word of communism. With all this activity our forces are growing rapidly.

If you’re a communist living in Spain, write to us and join us!

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