Britain: “Fiona’s running? Election saved!” Fiona Lali’s campaign off to a brilliant start!

Revolutionary communist Fiona Lali is standing as a candidate in Stratford and Bow in the coming British election, supported by the RCP. Already there’s enormous enthusiasm for Fiona, whose call to “kick out the warmongers” really resonates. Volunteer today and get stuck in!

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“I had one of your flyers through my door at the weekend, I agree with every word in it!”

“The people who run the country are only looking for money, regular people are screwed.”

“We need change. We need a new party!”

“Fiona said what all of us wish we could say if we had the chance.”

“You give me so much hope. Your generation has a chance to change the world.”

“Fiona’s running? Election saved!”

These are just a few of the responses volunteers have had over the last week of canvassing in Stratford and Bow for Fiona Lali’s election campaign.

With just a few weeks of campaigning, it’s clear that Fiona has tapped into something big.

Across the constituency, she’s been met with an outpouring of support. It’s clear that thousands of people have resonated with Fiona’s revolutionary campaign and are willing to help out in any way they can.

With hundreds of copies of The Communist sold, thousands of leaflets given out, and an army of people signed up for the campaign, she’s off to a flying start. But there’s work to do.

Three weeks remain for her to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity to build the forces of communism in Britain.

A ray of hope

Our success is no accident.

What is clear from the conversations had so far is that almost everyone is completely disillusioned with the political establishment. People are disgusted by both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer – two war criminals, two faces of the same rotten system.

Everywhere people have told us how sick they are of all the politicians and the usual electoral drivel.

Workers and youth have had enough of all the lies of the mainstream media and the stinking hypocrisy of the ruling class. These gangsters are actively supporting a genocide while slandering and trying to repress the pro-Palestine movement.

There is a stench of corruption that emanates from every pore of the current political system. This is felt by the vast majority of people, and commented on at every doorstep where volunteers spoke with people.

A recent Ipsos poll found 83% of people are dissatisfied with the government. Whilst Rishi Sunak is widely hated, only 31% were satisfied with the way Starmer is running the Labour Party. And according to research by ‘election expert’ John Curtice, trust and confidence in politicians has never been lower.

As a result, people are wide open to the revolutionary communist ideas being put forward on the doorstep.

In particular, people are linking the willingness of the establishment to back the genocide in Gaza with their un-willingness to fund public services, which, after years of austerity, are in a catastrophic crisis.

As communists, we can connect directly with this mood of anger. As Fiona put it, “What we fight for is taking all of the billions of pounds that they spend on trident, NATO, and bombs and using it for education and healthcare.”

And with the Green’s meekly towing the imperialist’s line on Gaza, it’s no wonder that people are starstruck by a candidate that is willing to point the finger at these bloodthirsty criminals.

Our biggest bloc ever

On Saturday 8 June, on the back of this wave of momentum, we carried the campaign into the national Palestine demo in London.

In another gigantic demonstration of class fury at the imperialist genocide, 200,000 people gathered to protest the continued slaughter of the Palestinians.

But, having marched for months, the majority of the protestors have grown frustrated that their chants are not being listened to by the warmongers in Westminster, who have continued to back Israel undeterred.

As the march was going on, 200 Palestinians were brazenly slaughtered in an Israeli ‘rescue operation’. Simultaneously, a report revealed that since 7 October, 108 arms licences have been issued to Israel by the UK.

In this context, our call for a bold new road for the Palesitne solidarity movement has struck a chord.

Starting out with 70 communists, our ranks swelled as we marched to over a hundred, with young people in particular drawn over by our chants – which lambasted the genocide supporting politicians – such as: “Keir Starmer your hands are red, over 40,000 dead.”

Even more significant was the response to Fiona. Over the course of the march, Fiona was stopped hundreds of times by people expressing their admiration for her decimation of Suella Braverman.

Overwhelmingly, people thanked Fiona for ‘speaking truth to power’. It’s clear that, disappointed with the timid and tongue-tied response of most of the ‘left’, people have been electrified by someone willing to stand up and tell the truth, and call war criminals war criminals.

Our bloc, which was one of the youngest and loudest at the demo, acted as a magnet for those looking for a revolutionary solution to the genocide.

We were led by a massive portrait of Fiona flanked by Palestine and RCP flags, which prompted a queue of excited people to line up to take a picture and support the campaign.

All in all, we sold over 150 copies of The Communist and received 41 sign-ups to get involved with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP).

Kick out the war criminals!

Fiona palestine march Image RCPFiona’s campaign is going from strength to strength / Image: The Communist

As the anecdotes from the campaign trail below demonstrate, Fiona’s campaign is going from strength to strength.

Only three weeks remain until election night. Before then, it’s up to us to make sure that everyone in Stratford and Bow has heard of the communist alternative to the usual crooks, criminals, and thieves.

Most importantly, we intend to broadcast the fact that there is a new party in town; not one that expels all sorts of hot air for a comfy seat in the commons; a revolutionary party, which is preparing for the overthrow of this wretched and bloody system entirely.

We say: politicians out – revolutionaries in!

If that sounds like your party, then sign up to join the RCP immediately and help Fiona in her campaign in Stratford and Bow!

Reports from the streets

Below we are publishing a selection of reports from volunteers for Fiona’s campaign from the first few weeks of activity. It’s clear that there is already a real buzz around her campaign – and there’s still more than three weeks to go!

There’s plenty of activity being planned in the coming weeks. We therefore encourage everyone who is sick of the establishment and want to see Fiona win to get involved and sign up to volunteer!


 Stratford Image The CommunistWe had loads of fantastic conversations with people from all walks of life / Image: The Communist

We had loads of fantastic conversations with people from all walks of life at an afternoon round of canvassing in Stratford ward.

A young couple with their child stopped by to listen to what we had to say about spreading the movement and not just relying on elections – they were very keenly nodding along and thanked us for being there. They said they’ve not seen anyone else canvassing, we’re the first!

We knocked on another door – an elderly couple opened. The lady said she had no time but her husband basically jumped over her saying he stands for Palestine and that he will support Fiona!

There’s a real thirst for people like Fiona who speak up for normal people, without any of the usual electoral / political waffle.

We sensed that feeling at basically every door that opened to us. The field is wide open!


We did some canvassing in the Stratford ward again this afternoon. We had a great response again, which is not a surprise by now!

Loads of people saying they’re willing to support Fiona and the campaign. Most importantly two people signed up to help out at our next session!


We did a stall outside Stratford International station where we got plenty of attention, and sold three papers!

A woman said that she and her husband were looking for someone to vote for as they didn’t want to vote for any of the other parties!

After about an hour, we moved onto door knocking. One woman said she saw Fiona’s videos and wanted to find out if she was a communist so we took her number and sold her a paper.

The mood across the board is very supportive and excited for some change!


Four volunteers did a stall for an hour and a half outside Stratford station.

stratford tube Image The CommunistFour volunteers did a stall for an hour and a half outside Stratford station / Image: The Communist

We had a great reception – a lot of young people recognised Fiona on the cover and expressed their support for her campaign and for our ideas.

Two sixteen-year-olds were very enthusiastic about Fiona’s social media presence and agreed that communism is being misrepresented in their school.

Overall the sale was a good success and showed the support and recognition that we have gained.


We did some great morning canvassing by Bromley-by-Bow station.

The prevailing mood is that Fiona and the campaign is a “breath of fresh air”.

One woman that I spoke to said that she had seen Fiona all over TikTok but didn’t know that she was running. She signed up for the campaign then and there.

She also said that she wasn’t intending to vote, and that everyone she knows feels the same – that is, until she found out that we are running a candidate!

People are sick to the back teeth of Sunak, Starmer, the lies in the media, and the fact that society is crumbling.

This is why the revolutionary ideas of the RCP are really finding an echo. So much is possible in the next few weeks!


“I had one of your flyers through my door at the weekend, I agree with every word in it!”

This was just one of the interactions had outside Bromley-by-Bow tube after a few of us did a quick canvassing session.

Bromley by bow Image The CommunistSchool and college students showed great amounts of enthusiasm and support for the campaign / Image: The Communist

In particular the school and college students showed great amounts of enthusiasm and support for the campaign. They may not be able to vote, but they certainly care deeply about politics.

The future presented to them is one of social unrest, collapsing schools, and wars (that they may be forced to enlist in if Sunak gets his way) and the only choices given are of Sunak and Starmer.

No wonder they’re all in support of a revolutionary communist candidate!


We did some canvassing in Bromley North the other day.

One of the residents, of Bangladeshi descent, spoke to us about all his years living in the borough.

He told us how the people of this community have to bear the trauma of having experienced racism their whole life and how workers and youth from minority ethnic backgrounds are treated with absolute contempt by the bourgeois institutions when looking for jobs and houses.

He also had an encyclopaedic knowledge of local politics and previous MPs. He told us how the Labour Party rotates right-wing careerists who are completely detached from these communities — even when they live just down the road — and have nothing to offer but empty promises.

BBB door knocking Image The CommunistThe whole community, who know each other very well, is completely disillusioned with the mainstream political parties / Image: The Communist

What is clear from what he told us is that the whole community, who know each other very well, is completely disillusioned with the mainstream political parties.

He knew Fiona already and was impressed by her bravery in calling Suella Braverman a liar and a war criminal to her face on live TV. He said he’ll likely vote for her because she’s pro-Palestinian.


Had a great time flyering for Fiona’s campaign outside of Bow Road station.

People told us they were sick of the political system, sick of the establishment and didn’t know how to change it.

We spoke about how to fight back against all of that with the Revolutionary Communist Party!


A solid canvassing session at Bow Road station in the Bow West ward, following from Bow East.

A number of very good conversations, with people recognising Fiona and eager to get involved.

A number of papers sold as well, with one solid supporter made for the revolutionary communists in Tower Hamlets who wants to come to our weekly meetings.

Mile End

We hit the streets in Mile End one evening – from doorsteps to shop counters, we were met with great enthusiasm and interest.

Mile End Image The CommunistWe were met with great enthusiasm and interest / Image: The Communist

The best interaction was with a man who was handed a leaflet. A minute later he came back out and said “I’ll vote for Fiona! And there are 8 people in this house who will vote for her too!”

A group of Muslim women came out who were gushing about Fiona’s interview and have very proudly put a poster up in the front of their house.

I had a great conversation on the doorstep of a new contact who recognised Fiona, they agreed with all our ideas and everything Fiona stands for, saying “We need more than just marches.”

Whilst leafleting in the street I was received by constant words of praise from people who’d seen the interview, alongside multiple exclamations of “Free Palestine!”

One person I’d stopped bought a paper and thanked us for what we are doing. They were adamant that the time for reform was over and that we need radical change.

Forest Gate

Forest gate Image The CommunistSeveral people passing by mentioned how they’d heard about Fiona and adored her interviews destroying Suella / Image: The Communist

We had a great day out in Forest Gate door knocking. There was a good bit of support, and more than a few who were keen to see Braverman taken down a peg!

A lot out as well, though, so we’ll have to come back and make the case for our programme!


Had a fantastic night out at Forest Gate station!

Loads of people recognised Fiona and were really excited to put up her posters up at home.

Several people passing by mentioned how they’d heard about Fiona and adored her interviews destroying Suella. Many didn’t know that they fell in her constituency and were excited to be able to vote her in.

One young man told me, “I’ve voted labour my whole life, but it’s amazing to see a party and a person looking to actually change the system and not just have a few small reforms here and there. It feels like an election between Tory and Tory-lites! But finally there’s something different.”

Two of us also went round the local small businesses with a stack of posters and leaflets. The response was great! There’s posters up in about 10 prominent shops / takeaways on the high street. We also spoke to the customers – loads of whom took posters to put up at home.

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